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Sigu up LeagueCoin Tournament!

What is LeagueCoin?

LeagueCoin is a secure & decentralized digital currency, that is specially designed for League of Legends Community. You can send LeagueCoin to anyone, anywhere at anytime. There are no banks fee and transactions are safe and fast. Along with league coins, you can also trade bitcoins to diversify your trading portfolio. Thus, you can minimize the risks. For enhanced trading experience, take the help of automated trading robots like the bitcoin bank. Bitcoin Bank is a cryptocurrency trading bot. This trading bot keeps track of Bitcoin prices and attempts to forecast future price movements. The trading robot makes earnings by automatically executing trades based on pre-programmed algorithms. Visit to know more about this platform.

The LeagueCoin network is run and secured by people, therefore all holders of LeagueCoin will receive a 19.9% annually interest for this.

How to get leaguecoin

- BTC Exchanges: Bittrex

- Get tipped: LeagueCoin TipBot V2 beta announced, click to landing page

- Buy via Paypal(Coming soon)


How to spend leaguecoin

The first Tip-Bot for LOL

Got carried by teammates? The first League of Legends Tip-Bot will be your best choice to thank your teammates and honor opponents.


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Digital Marketplace

Rare skins, strategy guides, and more! This will essentially be an eBay specifically for LoL!


ETA mid-June

LCS Gambling Platform

This platform will allow the 27 million daily players to bet on the outcome of this huge event. Users will also be able to watch live Championship Series games & chat with millions of people while betting on the team you back.




Now with BattleBot you can challenge your friend! And with BET! The winner will get all betting coins once solo game is finished!


Closed Beta starts on Friday

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leaguecoin details

Algorithm: X11

Max supply: 5 million

PoW Distribution: 15 days

Stake rate: 19.9% per year

Coins age: Min 24 hours, Max 30 days


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