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Access Tipbot via IRC
« on: June 12, 2014, 03:56:44 PM »
Just to remember the idea.

<Tedy> would be super cool if we could have an tipbot here to ^^
<@noashh> i thought that 10 secs ago
<@noashh> the bot needs to check if user is authed with nickserv. And the bot needs to know which registered IRC nickname belongs to which player
<_gnargnar_> there is one in action in the #goodcoin channel and it's working great. maybe you could ask them?
<Tedy> can`t u just make a simple like the #distroblitz have, the bot creats a walletadresss to the name and u need to be logged in to do anything with the coins
<@noashh> Could be done like this: On League, user msgs LeagueCoinTipBot with "Link IRC-Name". Then the bot generates a unique key. Now the user takes that key, goes to IRC, messages TipBot with key and then the bot knows who that person is.
<@noashh> I think the last part, contacting the bot via IRC to link accounts, needs to be improved because only using the supposed nickname of the bot on irc is not enough
<@noashh> but the command could be like /msg LeagueCoinTipBot*![email protected]
<@noashh> and the user should have max x minutes to finalize the process
<Tedy> if you allready have an tipbotadress with the on lol acc you should simeply just send him your irc name and creat and acc here to?
<_gnargnar_> the guy to contact for having a tipbot is named unek

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